Video: Attivo Group CEO Stephen Harper on partnering with All Seas Capital to accelerate growth

06 March 2024

In this video, Attivo Group CEO Stephen Harper talks about why they partnered with All Seas Capital to accelerate Attivo’s growth, and All Seas’ Cristobal Cuart and Joe Petrusic discuss why Attivo is an attractive business to back.

Stephen Harper, CEO, Attivo Group:

“We recognise the real opportunity to grow Attivo through acquisition, improving our business model and target operating technology. We needed a partner to do this. All Seas have been incredible in how they’ve understood the challenges we face, and they push and challenge us. They’ve got experience of other businesses and sectors and being able to access different opinions is really healthy.”

Cristobal Cuart, Co-Founder, All Seas Capital:

“In Attivo, we saw a lot of the elements we’re looking for in an All Seas transaction; a strong entrepreneur, a clear value proposition to clients, and the ability to not only create value organically, but also with our capital to help consolidate a market to create one of the leading players in the space.”

Joe Petrusic, Director, All Seas Capital:

“Attivo is already a market leading business. It has an extremely good client proposition, an approach to financial planning which is strong, and it is already a national player. The business will continue to grow rapidly over the next two years. We’ll continue to add new clients and we will continue to provide those clients with an extremely compelling proposition.”