SoMeD Santé is a fast-growing private French health centre and management facilities group, providing dental, medical and radiology care. Originally based in Paris, SoMeD centres are to be found in locations across France (shopping malls, railways stations and city centres), including Nantes, Marseille, Claye-Souilly, Strasbourg, Lille, Amiens and Rouen, as well as Orléans, Pau and Bayonne by the end of 2022.

SoMeD, headquartered in Asnières-sur-Seine, provides a multidisciplinary service, including GP, radiography and dental services, from its sites across France. Expert clinicians benefit from best-in-class medical equipment and centralised administrative infrastructure. SoMeD plans to quadruple the number of medical centres it operates in France over the next four years, capitalising on the increasing and more complex needs of the population across the territory and the shift of care out of hospitals due to the pandemic towards proximity healthcare facilities. SoMeD medical centres are situated in high footfall locations, ensuring they are easy-to-access for patients and enhancing their utilisation.

All Seas Capital is working closely with the management team and their team to accelerate its expansion strategy by supporting further institutionalisation of the business at Board and operational management levels, as well as identifying potential M&A opportunities to supplement the businesses organic growth plan.

“In All Seas Capital, we have not only secured a financial investor to enable us to accelerate our expansion plans, but also a highly experienced and hands-on partner to help us structure and grow our business. It was highly appealing to take on an investor that adds so much value and from day one we have been impressed by the out of the box mindset and collaborative approach of the All Seas team.”

Yehoram Houri, CEO, SoMeD

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